Rise Up Platform Guarantees Trusteeship by Hoffa

A vote for Rise Up would be the last vote any Local 804 member would be allowed to cast for a long time. That’s because the Rise Up platform guarantees that Hoffa will put Local 804 in trusteeship.

Rise Up’s ten-point platform includes a promise to “Create a Committee to Look Into Separating Local 804 From the International.”

The Teamster Constitution is absolutely clear that this would result in internal union charges and a trusteeship by Hoffa. Here's what it says in black and white:

  • “No Local Union can dissolve, secede or disaffiliate” (Article XX)

  • “Secession or fostering the same” is grounds for internal union charges and expulsion from the Teamsters (Article XIX, Section 7b)

  • General President Hoffa can impose a trusteeship if a Local Union “is not being conducted in accordance with the Constitution” or “jeopardizes the interests of the International Union.” (Article VI, Section 5)

Experience Matters

Rise Up wants to run our local. But their own platform would get members expelled from the union and get Local 804 thrown in trusteeship.

Local 804 needs leaders who fight hard, but we also need leaders who fight smart and know what they’re doing.

The answer to contract givebacks and weak International Union leadership is not a suicide mission to leave the Teamsters.

The solution is to vote Hoffa out and elect leadership that will fight with the members, not against us.

Experience Matters nominated Fred Zuckerman and the Teamsters United candidates to run against Hoffa. The other slates backed Hoffa or sat on the sidelines.

Experience Matters will continue standing up to UPS and to Hoffa. We will fight hard, but we will fight smart.

A Local 804 ballot will be mailed to you on Wednesday, Nov. 28. Vote Experience Matters!

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