Members Elect Experience Matters Slate

A message from Your New President Vincent Perrone:

The Local 804 election is over and the members have spoken. Experience Matters Slate will take office on January 1.

This victory belongs to the Local 804 membership. You sought out a new direction for our union and you made it happen. On behalf of the slate, I want to thank everyone who got involved in this campaign.

We want to thank every member who voted, regardless of who you supported. Now, it’s time to come together as one union to meet the challenges ahead, including negotiating the Local 804 Supplement.

Together, we can hit the reset button with UPS management, stand up against harassment and unfair discipline, enforce our contract, and restore basic fairness to our workplace.

It won’t happen overnight, but we will be working hard starting on day one.

We are reaching out to Danny Montalvo and the outgoing Executive Board to ask for their cooperation to ensure a smooth transition. We will keep you posted.

For now, we want to thank you for your support and the trust you’ve put in us to lead Local 804 in a new direction.

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