Meet Your Slate

Vinnie Perrone

Vinnie is in his 25th year at UPS. Half of those years have been serving the union at nearly every level, as a long time steward, a Union Rep and Business Agent, a member of the 2013 contract negotiations team, and a Delegate to the 29th International Teamster Convention in 2016. Originally from Queens, Vinnie now resides in Suffolk with his wife and 3 children. Vinnie is well known and highly respected for his ability to defend his members. He is well trained and well versed in dealing with management at every level and his knowledge of the contract has enabled him to win hundreds of grievances. Vinnie's passion, skills, and knowledge make him the one we need  to restore Local 804!

Tony Rosciglione

Tony began his career in 1991 and has worked in both package and feeder classifications. In addition to many years as an alternate steward in package & feeder, Tony served on the union's safety committee and was elected to represent Local 804 as a Delegate to the 29th International Teamster convention. Born in Brooklyn, Tony now resides in New Jersey with his wife of 23 years and their four children. Tony brings his college education, boundless energy, and unparalleled desire to represent the membership to the secretary-treasurer position.

Chris Williamson
Vice President

 There is no one in Local 804 that can rival Chris' knowledge of the inside operations. He started his 12 year part-time career in 1988, before working 3 years as a 22.3. He then became a full-time insider before going to work at the union hall as a Union Rep and then as a Business Agent. Chris has over 20 years as a shop steward and this experience helped make him a tremendous asset to the 2013 contract negotiations team. The respect he has built with the membership helped him to be elected to represent the local at the 29th International Teamster convention in 2016. Chris is a long time Brooklyn resident and continues working at the Maspeth building. His knowledge and drive will continue to serve the members of 804 for years to come.

Mark Cohen
Recording Secretary 

In his 21 years as a Teamster, Mark has a proven track record of standing up to management, taking on Hoffa, and building rank & file unity. Mark's organizational skills and determination have made him one of the local's best contract enforcers and educators. His leadership in Foster has helped to build an information network among the stewards and members and he has showcased those skills all across the Northeast while building the "Vote No" movement, against contract givebacks and concessions. Mark is a proud father and is engaged to be married next year. He lives in Queens with his fiancée. In 2019, we look forward to showcasing Mark's abilities as our new Recording Secretary. We know that his tireless work ethic and natural leadership will be a tremendous asset as we rebuild our local and restore 804 pride.

Anthony Cerulli

Anthony was a package driver for over 20 years in both 43rd street and Manhattan South before becoming a Business Agent in 2010. Anthony's 5 years as a Union Representative included two elections to represent the local at the International Teamster convention. Anthony was raised in Brooklyn, where he still resides with his wife and 2 children. The 12 years as a shop steward and 5 years as a union rep give him the experience to go hand in hand with his degree in contract negotiation from Cornell university. No one knows the contract better than him and he looks forward to continuing to use that vast knowledge and that tremendous  experience to protect and represent the members of local 804.

Dave Cintron

There is almost no part of the UPS operation that Dave Cintron is not familiar with. Since 1990, he has worked as an unloader, a loader, ran the bulk cart, was an air driver, package driver, and now a feeder driver. He was a steward for years, an activist even longer, and always a staunch defender of the contract. Dave's abililty to connect with members and to fight management did not go unnoticed and led to him being elected to serve as a Delegate to the International Teamster convention as a delegate representing local 804 proudly. Dave was born in Brooklyn, and recently purchased a house in New Jersey. Dave will continue to work tirelessly to represent the membership as he begins 2019 as one of our new trustees. 

Rocky DiPaolo

Since 1986 Rocky has been a UPSer and a proud member of local 804. His leadership skills and tenacity quickly landed him the position of shop steward, one he proudly held for over 20 years. During those years, Rocky gave top notch representation to members from nearly every job classification in the East side and later the 43rd street buildings. Rocky has been happily married for 34 years and he and his wife Jo proudly watched their son get married this summer. His abilities as a negotiator and problem solver helped him get selected to attend contract negotiations under the great Ron Carey.  His decades of experience make Rocky one of the most knowledgeable leaders in all of local 804.

Pete DePierro
Business Agent 

Since 1994, Pete has worked in several UPS operations as a preloader, shuttle driver, and package driver. He has served the union for over 8 years as a shop steward and alternate. Pete lives in Suffolk with his wife and 2 daughters. Before joining UPS he worked managing several different businesses and those leadership skills translated very well to his responsibilities as a steward. There is not a more hard working or dedicated member in all of 804 and those abilities have translated to a stellar record of protecting the members while enforcing the contract by winning grievances.


Dave Loobie
Business Agent 

Dave started as a preloader in 1997 and has been a tremendous advocate for inside workers ever since. A natural leader, Dave helped lead the Fight for $15 and craft the 2013 contract. He has served as a shop steward since 2010 and was an elected Delegate to the 29th International Teamster convention, and was nominated for International Trustee on the Fred Zuckerman Teamsters United slate. Outside work, Dave uses those same leadership skills to coach track & field at Kingsborough CC and to raise his beautiful daughter. Dave will be a fantastic Business Agent and will help lead our local for many years.

Raul Molestina
Business Agent

From 1989 to 1994, Raul worked as an unloader before becoming a package car driver. By 2003, he was an alternate steward and became the shop steward for the Lenox center in 2011. Raul's dedication is what has led to him serving as a steward for so long. He takes pride in his role and represents his members with a commitment to education and hard work. Raul still works in 43rd street, but now lives upstate with his family. His college background,his drive and his experience will make him an outstanding Business Agent.

Hector Fortis
Business Agent

Hector started as a package driver in 2007 and wasted no time in getting involved in his union. By 2012 he was an alternate and the following year, he won his steward election, over one of the current trustees, by a landslide. Hector was born and raised in Queens, where he still resides with his wife. They have 3 grown children. As a union representative, no one has done more to educate themselves and to be involved. Hector attends many conferences and workshops,attended national ballot counts, and was elected to represent local 804 at the 29th International Teamster convention. He is a tireless worker and dedicated to the membership of Local 804.

Lawrence Grant
Business Agent

Lawrence is one of the most respected members in the local's most massive building. His drive and dedication make him an outstanding steward. Lawrence is a proud dad who lives in the Bronx and works in the 43rd street building. Attending workshops and seminars has made Lawrence an even better advocate for his members and his contract.  Along with Chris Williamson and Dave Loobie, he will form a formidable team to take on the company and provide the best possible representation and education for the local's part-time and inside workers. 


Lou Barbone
Business Agent 

Lou was literally born into the Teamsters. He is a 4th generation Teamster and 2nd generation steward. After a year on the twilight shift, Lou became a package driver. His 14 year career has been in the Melville building, not far from his home in Nassau county. Lou has been representing the members for 6 years and working beside Shane Devine and the other Melville stewards, he has built a formidable information network in his building. He was part of the negotiating team and did an outstanding job of keeping the Melville members informed and unified. Lou has an associates degree and will be furthering his union education in workshops and classes this fall in order to be better prepared for his new role in 2019.

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