An Open Letter to "Brother" Montalvo

Dear "Brother" Montalvo,

You and your current slate have destroyed this local, dragging it through the mud for three years.
We have all seen the failure of your three years in office. There doesn't seem to be anything you won't do to advance yourself while systematically eliminating opposition and weakening the rights of the very members you swore to protect. 
We have grown accustomed to zero contract enforcement, inept negotiating, backdoor deals, lies, baseless accusations, lack of representation, inability to handle grievances, giving perks to your cronies and hacks.
All this is old news. We do see through it all.
Tonight I got to see again first hand what treachery really is.
You and your slate have nothing to hang your hat on, so what do you do? Once again you pounce the Hoffa way.
Instead of doing your job and representing the members,  you have the nerve to personally hand out a flier in an effort to destroy the reputation of a shop steward that does his job much better than most. An activist that stands up to the company daily. A man who sees everyone as a teamster brother or sister.
A man who unlike you, does his job 24/7.  A leader who isn't afraid to speak up. A man NOT running for a position.  Yet you see no problem handing out that garbage flyer? 
I have a thick skin, Mr. "Acting President."
Take every shot you want at me, but yesterday and today you have shown your true self once more. Shown your moral character. 
The members of this local have seen and know true leaders. You have proven over and over for three long years that you lack the skills, integrity, mind and heart of a leader.
The "members" running with you should be ashamed.
Good luck in your future career. 
— Vincent Perrone                                  

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