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 Captain Andrew Robles

Experience Matters

Captain Andrew Robles , has logged thousands of hours representing the Allegiant Air Pilot group.  He began his career at Allegiant over 13 years ago.  Prior to that he was a 121 check airman at Scenic Airlines and flew for several part 91/135 carriers.  Captain Robles has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with a specialty in computer programming and networking and telecommunications.  He has extensive experience negotiating contracts, contract language and agreements.  He has successfully negotiated over fifty Memorandum of Agreements, Letters of Agreements and Grievance settlement Agreements.  Some of these include an industry leading Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), LOSA/CLOSA, and a LTD buy-up Continuation. He has successfully completed the Negotiation Mastery Certification at Harvard Business School. Captain Andrew Robles has served as a Scheduling Committee Member, Scheduling Committee Chairman, he has served on the executive council for Local 1224, was a member of the Executive Board for 1224 and eventually was elected as the Executive Council Chairman of Local 1224.  Later Captain Andrew Robles initiated a campaign to start Allegiants first stand alone Local.  (Local 2118).  In order to accomplish this task Captain Andrew Robles presented a business plan to General President James P. Hoffa.  After several meetings, Captain Andrew Robles negotiated the release from Local 1224 and the founding of Local 2118.  Captain Andrew Robles served as a Trustee for Local 2118 and was later Elected as President of Local 2118.  Captain Andrew Robles has owned and operated several successful businesses and has a lifetime of volunteering in various organizations including serving for many years as a father's rights advocate.  In that role Captain Andrew Robles proudly assisted many father's in achieving joint or sole custody.

 Captain Ryan Fogelsanger

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Experience Matters

Captain Ryan Fogelsanger is the current Vice President of APA Local 2118.  Ryan was born and raised Arizona and makes his home in the Phoenix area.  Ryan earned his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and is currently based in IWA, serving as instructor on the Airbus.  Outside of work, Ryan spends his time on the golf course or in the mountains camping or hunting.


Captain Fogelsanger came to Allegiant in 2014, during a tumultuous time in the negations of our current CBA.  After ratification of the current CBA Ryan having used the system at his previous carrier reached out to the current EXCO asking them to consider SmartPref for our PBS solution. Ryan soon volunteered for the PBS committee taking part in numerous presentations from all PBS vendors, along with countless negotiating sessions with the company.  In 2017 Ryan ran for and was elected to the Executive council for the Allegiant Pilots at then Local 1224.   


During his time serving on the ExCo/Vice President Ryan has been involved in countless arbitration wins, serving on the System Board of Adjustment, providing direct testimony, and strategic planning of the representative case.  He has also represented pilots subject to discipline in Section 18 Meetings.  Ryan has experience negotiating with the company for PBS, numerous GSA’s, LOA’s, MOU’s, along with recently joining the Section 6 negotiations as a subject matter expert on the training and instructor sections.  In addition to representing the Allegiant Pilots to the company Ryan has numerous times represented the Allegiant Pilots and their interest to IBT international and on Capital Hill. 


Ryan is asking for your vote to be Re-elected as your Vice President of Local 2118.  Himself along with the others on his slate have the experience needed in order to secure an industry standard contract for the Allegiant Pilots which we deserve.  They understand the company and what has to be done in order to achieve this goal.  

Heading 3

Experience Matters

Ryan Joseph, a dedicated and experienced pilot, serves as a Captain based out of LAS and holds a pivotal role as the Secretary-Treasurer on the Executive Board. Since joining Allegiant in 2016, Ryan has flown both the MD-80 and the Airbus. His journey in union work began nearly five years ago as a Steward, where he quickly demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his role and membership. His exceptional service and leadership skills led to being asked by the President to run on his slate as a Trustee on the Executive Board after Local 2118 was founded. This was later followed by his appointment as Secretary-Treasurer.


In his multifaceted role, Ryan is a member of the System Board of Adjustment, where he contributes significantly to strategy development and execution in arbitrations. His involvement in the negotiating committee is marked by insightful contributions during Section 6 negotiations, and he plays a vital role in crafting strategic objectives for the Local. Ryan’s responsibilities extend to conducting grievance hearings, maintaining daily operations, and representing pilots in critical Section 18 and Section 25 meetings. His achievements further include active participation in the negotiations and formulation of numerous Grievance Settlement Agreements (GSAs) and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), alongside fulfilling the financial duties incumbent upon the Secretary-Treasurer.


Ryan’s dedication to his profession is further exemplified by his continued active service as a line pilot, balancing his Executive Board responsibilities with his passion for flying.


As this Executive Board seeks reelection, Ryan advocates for the continued service of all seven members. Under their collective leadership, the board has demonstrated unparalleled experience and commitment, driving significant advancements and advocating effectively for the pilot group. Experience matters!





Ryan P. Joseph

310.489.5600 c

Captain Ryan Joseph


Experience Matters

Captain Joshua Rockwood is currently on the EBOARD and serving as Recording Secretary. He was born and raised in Vacaville, CA and currently lives in Chattanooga, TN where he is raising two daughters.  He is currently based in Knoxville. Some of his hobbies include cycling and boating .


Josh has been with Allegiant for 19 years and been type rated on all three aircraft flown within that time period. His service with the union started as a part of APAG and was elected on to professional standards.  He was lucky to learn the ways of a union and the need for scope, retirement, LTD, and job protections early in his career. When the pilot group started to look for a different union they found Teamsters 1224 to be there best option. He was privileged to have flown with Cameron Graff in PIE many times during which Cameron worked on the future CBA. Josh absorbed his plethora of union knowledge.


Josh was nominated as a base steward.  As a steward he took an oath to always defend his brothers and sisters no matter what their personal views or beliefs are. He has been proud and will always follow that oath.  With the transition from teamsters 1224 to 2118 he was appointed as Recording Secretary. He continues to take his position very seriously and strives to make educated decisions for the betterment of the workgroup. He is very active with Section 18 and 25 meetings and also ensures that General Membership Meetings take place and that motions are set up for voting on the union impact website.


He is asking to be re-elected along with the current E-Board as recording secretary. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time thus far and enjoys fighting for what is right and fair!  He looks forward to another 3 years with your support. He is very fortunate to have a hot wife who supports his decision and the endless late-night phone calls from whomever is in need. Contrary to belief he does take criticism well and always looks to improve on the needs of our members!

Captain Josh Rockwood

First Officer Michael Cawley

Experience Matters

Get to Know Us

Michael Cawley began his time in our Union in 2016 as a volunteer member of the Safety Committee. In Summer of 2017, he took over as the Safety Committee Chairman. Over the next several years, he went to battle on several occasions to protect and improve our Safety Programs, and we made big strides in the authority, enforcement, and effectiveness of our Safety Programs. Additionally, after years of trying, and in cooperation with leadership, he was able to reach an agreement on an LOA to bring LOSA on property. Most recently he was able to negotiate terms with the company to revise and reinstate the Fatigue Risk Management Program under terms that are beneficial to the program’s health and effectiveness in the future. 

In 2020, Michael was again asked to step up as a Steward, and he agreed to take on those additional duties to help our pilot group in more diverse ways, while retaining his responsibilities as Chair of the Safety Committee. In this role Michael had the privilege to additionally contribute in Arbitrations, Grievances, Investigations, Disciplinary Proceedings, Financial Audits for Arbitration Awards, and countless other ways. 

Through 2020 and 2021, with the Transition from Local 1224 to Local 2118, Michael was a part of the team that managed to overcome monumental challenges and set this pilot group and this Union up for much more success in the future. In 2021, Michael was asked by Andrew Robles and Erick Valenzuela to become a part of their Slate and run for office as a Trustee of Local 2118 to help lead this pilot group into the future after our exit from Trusteeship in the newly formed Local. After much consideration, and discussion of the commitment with his family, Michael agreed to take on this new challenge and continue fighting for everything this group deserves.

Anyone who knows how Corporate and Flight Ops leadership at Allegiant operates, knows they create a new crisis and find new and creative ways to violate the terms of all our agreements on nearly an every-day basis. It would be impossible and far too time consuming to recount each day, each accomplishment, each win, and each issue individually, but Michael is honored to have had the privilege to contribute in so many ways to this pilot group over the past 7.5 years. Michael has personally contributed thousands of hours of his own time volunteering for this pilot group, and is excited at the opportunity to use his experience and knowledge to continue pushing us forward into the future. Michael is asking for, and hoping for, the opportunity continue working for the benefit of our Union and Pilot Group as a Trustee on the Robles/Joseph Experience Matters Slate.

The Robles/Joseph Experience Matters Slate is made up of collective decades of time and tens of thousands of hours of experience in dealing with the airline industry’s most confrontational and litigious management group. PLEASE go out and vote! Make your voice heard, show us that you support the entire team with a vote for the Robles/Joseph Experience Matters Slate. These are the people Michael trusts to get the job done, get it done well, and achieve everything we all hope for this airline in the future!

Experience Matters

Kurt Hanson has been a pilot with the Allegiant Air since 2012 and has almost 17 years in commercial aviation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics from the University of North Dakota and was an Instructor pilot at the United States Air Force Academy before beginning his commercial aviation career. He currently resides in his home state of Montana with his wife and son and is base in PVU as a captain.
Throughout his time at Allegiant, Kurt has served the Union in various capacities, including volunteering as a picket coordinator during the first contract push, and more recently in his current roles as a Steward and Trustee. In 2017 Kurt was appointed as Steward by then president Steve Allen, and in 2019 was nominated and elected as Trustee to the Executive Board of Local 1224. He assisted Andrew Robles in founding Local 2118 and won election as an officer of the new local. On January 31, 2022, he was sworn in as a Trustee for Local 2118 and currently serves on the Executive Board. Prior to being asked to by the mediator to cease picketing Kurt was responsible for the planning and coordination of our picket events that were held in LAS, PIE, and SFB at the beginning of the year with the assistance of local SPC members.
Kurt feels passionate about helping his fellow Allegiant pilots, he says that in the years he’s served the pilot group he’s witnessed their strength and resilience while facing the challenges of a company who continually has infringed upon their hard-negotiated rights. He hopes to use the years of experience and knowledge that he’s gained in his thousands of hours of union leadership to continue to serve our pilot group and fight for a contract that they deserve.

As the union progresses to the next phase of voting for Local 2118 officers, Kurt expresses his great honor in running for the trustee position alongside a slate of highly experienced and competent individuals. He welcomes any inquiries and encourages fellow pilots to reach out to him.

Captain Kurt Hanson


Captain Kenny Seiden

Kenneth Seiden Headshot.jpg

Get to Know Us

Kenneth Seiden has been with Allegiant Airlines as a Pilot since 2014.  In 2015 he was added to the Scheduling Committee and became the Scheduling Committee Chair in 2017.  In 2023 he was added to the Board as a Trustee and continues to hold the position.  Kenneth is currently an LAX based Captain and was previously a MD80 First Officer in the Virtual Based Domicile. Prior to working for Allegiant, he worked for Republic Airways and Great Lakes Airlines. While at Republic he held an additional position as a consultant in the Human Resources department’s Pilot recruiting division.

Outside of aviation Kenneth holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of North Dakota. He has served as a volunteer on boards for non-profits in education and for soccer supporters’ organizations. Additionally, Kenneth has volunteered his time for teen programs and in sexual abuse advocacy and support. Lastly, Kenneth has held positions in public television media.

Kenneth is from southern California and continues to reside there with his family and 5-year-old son. He is an avid soccer fan, player and coach.

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Experience Matters
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