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Vote Experience Matters Slate

Local 804 members are uniting to defeat givebacks at UPS and to elect new leadership in Local 804. Experience Matters is the only slate that has proven experience standing up to UPS, protecting members from discipline, enforcing the contract, taking on Hoffa, and uniting the membership. 

Members Speak Out


The leaders on the Experience Matters slate have been in the trenches fighting for ALL the members, whether you're a driver on work on the inside. I'm backing them because I trust them to have our back.

Kioma Forero


We need real leadership with real plans. No more pretenders trying to figure it out as they go. 

Shane Devine
Package Steward, Melville


The Experienced Matters slate have experienced harassment first-hand and they know how to beat it back. They've helped me and a lot of other people be more effective stewards. They’re running for the right reasons which is to help the members.

Damian Contreras
Shop Steward, Laurelton

I was fooled three years ago. I'm not getting fooled again. I'm voting Experience Matters


Amy Goldstein
Preload Steward, Suffolk

The Experience Matters Slate took on Hoffa's contract givebacks like two-tier 22.4 drivers. While other slates were on the sidelines or keeping us in the dark, Experience Matters was informing and uniting members to Vote No

Eugene Braswell
Alternate Steward, Foster


For Mobile Alerts,Text "804" TO 94253